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We Are R Tech Manufacturer

R Tech Manufacturer specialises in the manufacturing and supplying of concrete products and fly ash blocks to both residential and commercial sectors and to various government projects. Company having the most advanced machineries and largest production capacity.

R Tech Manufacturer, established in 2018, are prominent manufacturers of high-quality Fly Ash Block. Over the years the company has evolved and diversified into various segments.

Looking for a quality and affordable construction services for your next project?

Our Product

Fly Ash blocks

Light Weight Fly Ash Blocks refers to the ash produced during combustion of coal. It is the fine powder formed from the mineral matter in coal, consisting of the non-combustible matter in coal plus a small amount of carbon that remains from incomplete combustion. Fly ash is being accumulated as waste material in large quantities near thermal power plants. As the power requirement of the country goes up, the amount of waste produced will also increase enormously, creating problems for its safe disposal due to lack of adequate disposal facilities. Its use in the manufacturing of bricks will be thus helpful in its disposal and also help in controlling pollution.


Thermal Property

R Tech Blocks have very low thermal conductivity which keeps the interior remain cool in summer and warm in winter and best for both internal and external construction.

Earthquake Resistance

Earthquake forces on structure are proportional to the weight of the building, hence R Tech Bricks & Blocks shows excellent resist.

Green Product

R Tech Block reduces interior temperature variation marinating pleasant and healthy temperature for habitant. Reduce at least 30% of environmental waste.

Fire Resistance

R Tech Blocks are fire resistant depending upon thickness.

Pest Resistance

R Tech Blocks are inorganic, insect resistant and solid wall construction material.

Water Resistance

R Tech Blocks have water resistance properties.